Sep 132010

In honor of the upcoming DJ Muggs and 6BLOCC: 6BLOCC vs DJ Muggs “West Coast Dubstep Street Sessions” E.P. and 6BLOCC’s “Bicentenario” Mexico Tour; we proudly present the video debut of the ‘El Barrio’ Terrorista Video Remix, (original video shot by world renowned Estevan Oriol) featuring LA’s own Pico Union representatives Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm & Cynic of Street Platoon.

Currently, legendary Hip Hop producer DJ Muggs (Soul Assassins/Cypress Hill/The Elements) & L.A. Dubstep veteran 6BLOCC are in the studio working on a Dubstep/Drumstep Turntablizm Six track E.P. dropping Winter of 2010 worldwide and it will be available in limited 12″ Vinyl & Digital format as a part of the DJ Muggs “VS” series as a collaboration album with Soul Assassins & L.A.D.N. Records. This new project will feature all new original production from both of these innovators of the underground scene as they put the West Coast Dubstep on the map.

Today in the U.S. states like Arizona and political red states fear is being used as propaganda and used to put labels on us like minorities, illegal human beings & street terrorists, when in fact it is the Latino population of all backgrounds, creed & races who are rising as the majority fighting back to take control of our destiny.

This one’s for the streets, the hood, the barrio, the slums, the blocks, the ghettos and the 3rd World Soldiers living the daily struggles, it’s time to stand up!

©2010 Soul Assassins/L.A.D.N. Records