Sep 232010 Montage One….mon?tage?one [mon-tahzh-wuhn] – noun 1. any combination of disparate elements that forms or is felt to form a unified whole, single image, etc. ORIGIN: Every angle of LOS ANGELES COUNTY. AFFILIATES: STIMULUS ONE MUSIC/LIKWIT CREW/GOLD CHAIN MILITARY. DESCENDANT OF: SHAKA ZULU/SUN TSU/VLAD THE IMPALER/ROMAN300/WILLIAM WALLACE/THOR. RANK: 10th Degree Black Belt in UNDERGROUND MMA RAP/MIC GRAPPLING & well versed in the ONE-INCH PUNCHLINE technique. HONORS: Decorated music vet awarded the LIKWIT ARMY METAL of HONOR & GLOBAL WAR on LYRICAL TERRORISM. MASTERED SKILLS IN MUSIC: Every spectrum of the gambit from A-Z, a one man NAVY SEAL MUSIC EXTRACTION TEAM. SPECIAL INTENSE STUDIES: Precise CINEMATIC STORY-LINE VISUAL MUSIC with extremely clear surgical like vocal delivery & execution made for easy listening creating songs that make you want to hold on for dear life & ride again… …More exposure of MONTAGE ONE easily attainable by installing “MONTAGEONE.COM 10.6.2 OGX” available online 9/14!

LOL that was the description on the youtube page for the homie Montage One’s new album “ 10.6.2 OGX”  Cop it today !