Apr 162011

So the story goes.. Some out of towner’s … well known at that.. Get invited to come to Los Angeles to show some Graffiti at a museum of all places. After they decide to catch a spot in the city that shows no pity…. Welcome to LA!

So here is the fresh wall the K2S crew came and knocked out @ some hipster store..

Then these guys come from out of town and decide to go over the wall that hasn’t been running even a week yet.. (Not too smart guys..)

Welcome to LA … Don’t touch our walls :)

Nov 092010

Gil was a good dude taken too soon.. As serious as cancer pt.2 ..  Strike me up in heaven homeboy!

Gil’s family needs help with the costs of his funeral which will occur on Monday Nov.15th at 7pm. There are 3 ways currently that you can donate:

1. go to www.50mmlosangels.com and click on the donate button on the top right hand corner of the website!

2. THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT TO GET A GIL ONE SHIRT call Felix at 323-247-1489. proceeds… go to Gil

3. There will be a massive paint jam this weekend in memory of GIL. the jam is going down in pomona from sunrise to sunset, spots will be givin on a first come first serve basis with a 10$ donation… So come through an support hope to see u there,ladders are recomended jus in case..heres the adress-163.S HAMILTON BLVD POMONA CA 91766

Rest In Paint brother GIL ONE K2S W247