Dec 232009

When you read about many of the famous “icons” of the entertainment world, such as Elvis Presely, Marylyn Monroe, Marvin Gaye, TUPAC and BIGGIE, etc… You find common theme….They usually had their start in a small town or a church as a young person, and eventually set out “To the big city” to make it big. Only to end up destroyed by the very industry that made them “famous”. Then ,in one of the most disgraceful and shameless ways there is, Hollywood turns around calls them “heroes” and “idols”, making millions of dollars off of them, glorifying their names and photographs in lights and t-shirts!
The story of Rob One is no different. I met Rob back in the day on Hollywood blvd, at the Highlnad layup, mobbing busses with Price. Later, I would run into him every so often at yards, etc. He made crew called C2D. In 1989, He and Gonz started “The Fly I.D Show”, one of the first real Hip Hop radio programs on the West Coast. It was based out of Cal State Northridge, and had a pretty good following. From time to time , Rob would invite the UTI’s to go on there and freestyle…
A few years later, we saw each other quite a bit at the Hip Hop shop, and would always treat each other with respect throughout the years. I think it was around 1997, when I ran into him at one of “the Night Hip Hop Stole Christmas” shows, and he was bald. He told me he had been diagnosed with cancer, and was undergoing Kimo therapy treatments. He introduced me to his lady, whom he met a little before he found out what he had. A few months later, he called me up from the hospital, telling me that things took a turn for the worse. He told me that he wanted to be put down with UTI, since he always had respect for the way we stuck together and were like a family. He said he didn’t know WHAT it was, but that he could feel SOMETHING different with us. I told him I knew what it was, even though we weren’t living the lifestyle, and were sinners, most of us had a belief and respect for GOD, and that’s what he felt. He said “I’m open”, I said “right now I’m caught up in some real sin, but I’ll go visit you and share what I know”. I told him we would be honored to make him a honorary member of the “U”, and vowed to help him in any way we can. Before we hung up,I got the room# at UCLA Harbor City Medical Center, and after I got off the phone, I tried to pray. Because I was living so foul at the time, in gangs and such, It felt as if my prayers were going nowhere! I dusted off my old bible which I hadn’t opened in years, and I realized I had forgotten everything, and somehow felt as if I had “blinders” on, and that’s probably the best way I could describe it to you… The next day, I called up Pryer, who was on the sober bandwagon, and into the Bible at that time, Swan, who is a believer, and Roc, who wasn’t exactly one, but who’s mom was a believer, and respected what we were doing enough to want to help. The first thing I did was to take up a collection to buy Rob a Bible so he could have access to the Word of God. Then we took turns to go and visit him, bringing him piecebooks, and taking turns spending time with him, encouraging him. I noticed that his girlfriend was really sticking by him at this time, bearing the majority of the burden, staying on the doctors, making sure they were taking good care of Rob, spending the night with him, learning and explaining what she could form the internet, she even tracked down a doctor in Texas that had a alternative form of treatment that had incredible success. I also noticed that very few of his Hollywood friends were coming to visit him, until later when he was almost gone. To make matters WORSE, his Mom was dying of cancer in Santa Barabara, at the exact same time!
The thing that made me really mad was that, while he was in the hospital, his buddies from the Shape Shifters, whom he rented a room from, call him up and basically tell him to come pick up his bed because they want to rent out the room to somebody else! The only person who was there for him was his lady. So Rob calls me up and asks if I could go pick up his bed and take it to his lady’s for him. I said “sure”. I asked why his homies were booting him for right when he needed them, and if he wanted us to regulate them we would, he just told me to let it slide. So Pryer gets the JNCO cargo van he used to roll in, and we set off to get Rob’s bed for him. When we get there, them ni#@$’s was just sittin’ there watching T.V, they didn’t even lift a FINGER to help. I just held in my anger out of respect for Rob….
He progressively got worse, and although his girl was telling him not to give up, I was being a realist, and all I could do was to tell him that he needed to get ready for the journey. It was one of the most frustrating times in my life! Here, my friend is dying, and I knew what he needed to be saved, but because I was living in sin, I WAS POWERLESS!!! He kept getting worse, and they were pumping all this black stuff out of his body. He was turning yellow, and swelling up everywhere.
I got more urgent in my attempts to “save him”, but everything came out of my mouth weak, and even when I tried to open the bible and read to him, all that came out was JUDGMENT. You see, the Word of God is a two edged sword- In it there is Love, Hope, Salvation, and Promises, but also…in it there is judgment. I just closed it, and told him to “call out to Jesus”.
It was at this point that finally some his homies responded. They threw a fund raiser show, and tried to come up with the chips to send Rob to that doctor I Texas..but it was all too little too late.
After a few days, he would come in and out of consciousness, I’ll NEVER FORGET, AS LONG AS I LIVE, how he would awake and jump up , in TERROR, saying, “HELP!!! THE FIRE!!!! THE WORMS” So all I said was, “LOOK FOR JESUS!” he was terrified…
I was not there the moment he passed. His lady called me to let me know, but she wasn’t there at that moment either. I felt bummed about the whole thing. I told God “Man, I don’t ever want this happen again” and from then on I began to ponder the path I was on….
Even worse was the CIRCUS that happened afterwards….All of a sudden, out of nowhere, all his “Friends” began to fight and bicker over who should have control of Rob’s DJ equipment, records, personal property, etc. They began to accuse Rob’s girl of having ulterior motives, which just smashed her spirit. As they did with SKATE, They began to glorify ROB, doing big murals for him and burying him in the“Hollywood Forever” cementery,etc. Kids who never knew Rob came out of the woodwork, claiming they were Rob’s peeps, and as everyone did with Skate, they began to ride the bandwagon of putting his name on their pieces. The whole thing made me so sick I stayed away from it all….I eventually began to consider my future…At one of the last UTI meetings I held, I told them this story and requested that when I die, PLEASE don’t make a circus out of it, and just bury me somewhere quietly.


Sep 152008

01. Hold Itone DJ Rob One Minute
02. Oh My God (Remix)
03. Know Main (Remix)
04. Crooklyn
05. Ease My Mind
06. Get On Down
07. Tonz Of Gunz
08. Hop Crates On The Wheels Of Steel
09. Rough E Nuff
10. Black Cop (Instrumental)
11. Any Way Samples
12. Greg Gettin’ Nice On “The Joint”
13. Stress (Remix)
14. Mr. Incognito
15. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
16. Yeah You Get Props
17. Rock On
18. Ruff Necks
19. Gangsta Clothes
20. Mix Tape Fly Vibe Intro
21. Buckshot LeFonque
22. L.A. Industry Shout Outs
23. The Real Vibes (Instrumental)
24. I’m Not Playing
25. Drifting Away (Instrumental)
26. Treat ‘Em Like A Prostitute
27. It’s Yours
28. Groove Thing (Instrumental)
29. Strictly Business
30. B-Boy Master Mind
31. Old To The New
32. Ladie’s Say “Ow”
33. Black Hand Side (Instrumental)
34. Hollis Crew
35. Doe In Advance
36. Don Barron (Loop)
37. One, Two Shit
38. Mansion And A Yacht
39. It Ain’t Hard (Instrumental)
40. BBQ Verse
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