May 182010

This video pretty much sums up the show… No pat’s on the back for wack mc’s..
Submit your music to STREETVISIONMEDIA@GMAIL.COM to have your banger played live via
USTREAM by DJ READY CEE and Critiqued by PARAKHAN & some unique individual’s + live chat.

10 Songs are chosen and played weekly from the submissions and the MOMO Award is
given at the end of the show to the WACKEST of them all… NO EASY PROPS ROUND HERE!



Sep 092008

HUGE SHOW THIS WEEK! We had to take it an extra half hour because theres so much to get in! New music from Bishop Lamont, M.O.P., MF DOOM, The Lox & many more! But wait, THERE’S MORE! This week marks the return of CALI CONNECT RADIO to The Ready Cee Show! DJ DESTROY taps in live from the West Coast to bring you nothing but the illest heat from the streets of L.A. and beyond! Plus our live studio guest from L.A., DJ LORD RON stops by with DJ KILLA KAL to let you know how it goes down where they come from! Mr. Xahtix is back along with DJ MIXX who brought along his usual Bag-O-Funk to put down in the 2nd half so get ready! This week is Triple OG XL status DON’T SLEEP!